Cheers to New Beginnings

So, its been a while. The past few months have certainly been a challenge, but I’ll save those stories for another place and another time. Now, I’d rather focus on the new year and all of the promise it holds. As for the site, I will continue to focus on emerging and up and coming […]

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Silvia Massacesi

Loving these eco-friendly handbags by Silvia Massacesi. The brand is the brain child of founders Silvia Massacesi and Davide Mariani. Silvia is careful in the functionality and the aesthetic of the product and Davide concentrates in the research of new technologies of the materials. Two parts of a whole, of an extensive project where innovation […]

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Temp Tats as Seen on Pinterest

  I’m always looking for inspiration on sites like Pinterest and Tumblr (Instagram sometimes, but I’m sort of over the whole selfie thing. I’ve never been comfortable with incessant self- centeredness). Anyway, I love everything about this Pin (top and right in “PINS”) and did a quick search to find out where to get that […]

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DIY Pad Projects With Brit + Co.

Loving these home/ apartment improvement DIY’s from Brit + CO.The slouchy storage bag is cute enough to carry, the hand printed throw is the perfect accent, and who doesn’t love a good Batik. Perfect weekend projects!

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Silvia Fado: Shocking[ly comfortable] Shoes.

  As a former college athlete, I can honestly say I’ve spent most of my life in flip flops and running shoes. Upon entering the “real world,” all that changed and I now spend a better part of my day running around in 4-inch heels. Not fun. I’ve always thought that must be a better […]

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DIY (for way less than $400).

I love luxury just as much the next person, but every now and then something comes across my Gilt app, and I’m like, “Really??” Yes, even when it comes to Hermès. I know, I know, there’s really nothing like an Hermès bag (or wallet for that matter). The leather is, for lack of a better […]

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Downloadable Luggage (really!)

Long time no post, I know. It’s a long story. Anyway, part of my hiatus involved travel, which is always such a pain. The luggage part is what really gets me, which is why I am obsessed with this concept (video, above). 3D printing guru Janne Kyttanen is certainly on to something here. Do any […]

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DIY From Bromeliad

I have a mild obsession with giant leather bags. They always look so chic and you can throw everything in them. I came across this DIY from Bromeliad and was pleasantly surprised to find that it’s actually quite doable. I need a good project… let me know if any of you try this!

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voices of industry

    I don’t even know how I came across this article, but I love the idea of Farm-To-Table Textiles. Gotta love RISD grads. Adele Stafford, RISD grad and creator of voices of industry, meticulously crafts hand-woven textiles and apparel from 100% domestic fiber farmed and spun in the USA. Each piece is created on […]

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Covert Chanel

You know how in spy/adventure movies, the super important file is always hidden in the last place you’d expect it? Get your Bond-on with this awesome USB drive chicly hidden in a tube of Chanel lipstick. A perfect place to upload your secrets. My lips are sealed . . . with Rouge Coco, of course. […]

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