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The never ending search for the perfect bag…


I may have found it. In my never ending search for the perfect bag, I landed on Star 50’s Louisiana Market Sac, I just may never go back. Even my boyfriend couldn’t help but be impressed by this gorgeous, roomy, can’t-live-without-it canvas and leather tote. Not only is this bag fabulous looking and big enough for everything I own (including computer, case files and all the essentials), its all for the greater good…Star 50 will be donating 5% of all sales from their Louisiana Market Sac to the Make it Right Foundation supporting the victims of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.
“I am thrilled that Star 50 Handbags will be doing their part in helping the families of New Orleans,” said Amity Cooper, Founder of Star 50 Handbags. “I think it is important that as many people as possible lend a hand and help these in any w y possible.”

The Louisiana Market Sac is a sturdy canvas tote trimmed with brightly striped ribbon and features leatherette shoulder straps. Inspired by the bags of New Orleans locals being carried to open-air markets, it holds more than crawfish and fresh produce! An attached authentic gris-gris bag (handmade by Bloody Mary’s voodoo shop in New Orleans) brings prosperity and blessings to its owners.

About the Make it Right Foundation
In December 2006, Brad Pitt convened a group of experts in New Orleans to brainstorm about building green affordable housing on a large scale to help victims of Hurricane Katrina. Having spent time with community leaders and displaced residents determined to return home, Pitt realized that an opportunity existed to build houses that were not only stronger and healthier, but that had less impact on the environment.

After discussing the hurdles associated with rebuilding in a devastated area, the group determined that a large-scale redevelopment project focused on green affordable housing and incorporating innovative design was indeed possible. The group settled on the goal of constructing 150 homes (one of the larger rebuilding projects in the city), with an emphasis on developing an affordable system that could be replicated.


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