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I love guilt free shopping. I love fabulous clothes. Therefore its only fitting that I love Kelly B Couture! From her site:

“Fact: Conventional cotton (non-organic cotton) production is responsible for 25% of the world’s insecticides and 10% of the world’s pesticides.

Organic cotton: cotton grown, processed, and produced without the use of pesticides and other toxic chemicals.

This definition along with her love for textiles and clothing design are the driving forces behind Kelly Marie Barry’s (owner and designer) first organic cotton line which debuted Spring of 2006. The intention behind Kelly B is to create unique and comfortable clothing for the conscious consumer. A consciousness that spans from fair labor practices to an environmentally friendly product. Kelly’s first two lines have been produced with all organic cotton and other natural fibers including bamboo and organic cotton.

While pursuing her passion for environmental science at CU Boulder, Kelly found her true calling in clothing design. After spending three years at CCAC (The California College of Arts and Crafts), Kelly graduated with a BFA in textiles. Upon graduation, she began a two year career as a production manager and designer for a supplier of organic cotton garments and fabric. Through this experience, Kelly observed a large demand for fashionable eco-friendly clothing. Kelly B is a response to this demand. Although Kelly’s consciousness is a large contributing factor in the creation of her all organic cotton line, her primary motivation is to create fashionable clothing. This is an obvious accomplishment as you scan the bright and bold colors of her first two lines. Kelly hopes for people to be first drawn to the design and audacity of her garments… and added bonus to these conscious consumers is the environmentally friendly nature of the clothing.

Kelly B is proud to be made in the USA!!!!!”

Find Kelly B at Green With Glamour and Devidoll, London.


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