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Be Mine


TGIF. Seriously. I’m in desperate need of some R&R. Last night at Girl’s Night Out the wine and lemonade cocktails were flowing… all I really wanted was a massage, but the line was literally out the door. I figured the stress it would have caused me to wait in line would negate the whole purpose of the massage… better just to fork over the money and not have to deal with it, you know? Anyway, the scene was full of “look-at-me” ladies, scrambling to snatch up bargains from the various vendors there. Fun times!

Today’s featured designer is Katherine Pont, of Mine, London. I love her ability to do feminine with a twist of tomboy! Katherine takes a holistic approach to design as each collection is composed with a story in mind which unfolds as the collection takes shape.Everything down to the naming of each individual garment is considered in this process. It is this fairytale sense of creation coupled with Katherine’s hand drawn embroidery and print embellishments that give her line it’s signature style. The Mine aesthetic is sophisticated with a playful spirit… it has distinctively vintage feel coupled with a cool modern interpretation.

Stop by her site, check out collections, and be sure to check out Katherine’s MySpace page as well!


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  1. Dennise Dennise

    Where can I buy her stuff?
    It’s incredible.
    Great pick!


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