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It’s My Party (No Tears, I Promise)


I’m sooo excited about this up-coming long weekend. I’m definitely heading to the Cape for some rest and relaxation . . . I may even head back to Brown for good old fashioned reunion! In the meantime, I have to make it through these next two days (which, as I look at my calender, may not be such a easy task). Anyway, today I thought I’d write about designer Corrina Paterno’s handbag line, cutely named “One Girl’s Party.” Corrina started her design career working for a theater company as a set and costume designer. She also spent fifteen years doing custom upholstery, drapes, and furniture design for her family’s interior design business. She started One Girl’s Party in 2000. The line is inspired by Corrina’s passion for family, gardening, black and white photos, the beach, and (clearly) a great party! It’s cool to see how her costume design experience meshed with her interior design background in this collection.


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