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Make a Lemonstory out of Lemons… or something like that.


We’re coming to that odd part of the summer where everything is still for about a month. The weather tends to settle down, work tends to fall into a pattern, and there are no crazy holidays to break the cycle. We have to wait until September for things to kick off and when they do it’s like a jolt. I always get restless mid-July through August. Like I’m waiting for something to happen… but then, in retrospect once things start to happen, I always look back on this languid period with a sense of longing. Isn’t that always the way?

Speaking of longing, you’ll be longing for Anna Kim’s handmade womenswear collection, Lemonstory (named so because the color yellow usually makes her feel bright and warm when she sees it.) Anna, who always wanted to be an artist, explains that, “Clothing is the piece of art that we position closest to the human body. It changes the look, the character, and the mind of the person who is wearing it.” As such, all of her designs are made to order, paying special attention to detail and to the individual buying the garment.

Anna strives to make timeless pieces that are both unique and feminine. One look through her Etsy shop and you’ll see she’s definitely achieved her goal! She’s been getting buzz from Sprig and Gen Art Pulse so be sure to shop her site before she gets seriously backed up with orders!


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