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Rescission Proof/ Humidity Proof Hair: Living Proof

I am always SUPER skeptical when products claim to be “anti-frizz.” I’ve tried just about everything… from Ouidad (sorry, not impressed), to Redkin, to my personal favorite (which is awesome because it’s super-cheap) Garnier’s Sleek and Shine  Smoothing Milk .

When I was told about Living Proof’s Frizz Solution I was mildly intrigued… but, as I just mentioned, also super skeptical. I mean… how amazing can it be, right?
I decided to investigate. I got two products, one for fine to medium hair and the other for medium to coarse hair. I generally fall in the later of the two categories, but thought I’d start small with the spray for medium hair. The directions tell you to “saturate” hair with the product and then blow dry (or at least the instructions say the product reacts well with heat). Being a skeptic and not fully understanding what a “PolyfluoroEster” is and therefore not fully wanting to saturate myself with it, I did a few quick sprays around my roots and blow dried.


  • It cut my blow drying time down by about a third
  • It left my hair super-shiny.
  • Usually when I blow dry my hair gets kind of flat– but this product left with with a fun natural bounce.
  • I can’t stop playing with my hair because it’s super soft!!


  • Don’t really know what PolyfluoroEster is, but generally like all things that come from MIT (yes I am still obsessed with Alan Lightman) so I’m going to reserve judgment for now…
  • It’s doesn’t smell amazing… in fact kinda smells… spicy or something… but the smell is only when you spritz and it and my hair just smelled like my shampoo when I was done blow drying.

Still yet to be determined is how this bad-boy will stand up to a good old fashioned Boston rain shower… I must say I’m optimistic so far… it stood up to this mornings humidity like champ.
I know it’s kind of expensive, but on the bright side, I think you can get away with using a lot less of the product than the label suggests and still get the same results. Trust me, if something isn’t working my hair lets me know about 30 seconds into the blow-dry.

Let’s face it, with the economy the way it is right now, a $40-$60 salon blow-out kinda starts to look like an unnecessary expenditure. This costs about $24 and based on how much I used last night, I imagine one bottle is good for at least few months worth of shiny bouncy hair.

If anyone out there has tried it, I’d be interested to know your thoughts/ experience!

From the site:

Living Proof was created in Cambridge, Massachusetts, for the purpose of applying advanced technology to solve the toughest beauty challenges. We are a team of scientists and beauty authorities brought together by a shared aspiration: to challenge the status quo and end the common beauty frustrations of people everywhere.

Our company was founded by Polaris Venture Partners, one of the most successful venture capital firms in the world, and a team of scientists led by Dr. Robert Langer. An institute professor at MIT and “one of history’s most prolific investors in medicine,” Dr. Langer has discovered and developed revolutionary drug delivery systems which have significantly impacted treatments for cancer, heart disease, and numerous other diseases. By assembling world-class scientists from a range of fields outside of beauty, we are able to look at everyday concerns from a completely unique, fresh perspective.

At the heart of every scientist’s work is a driving desire to break new ground, shatter preconceived notions of what can and can’t be done. The vision of every member of the Living Proof team is to create products that work dramatically better than anything that’s preceded us. Our vision is a response to the growing awareness by consumers that most beauty products out there today contain the same basic ingredients, the same dated technologies and that companies are spending more on advertising than on delivering real scientific innovation.

We identify beauty challenges from the perspective of problem solving and invest efficient, single-purpose formulas based on entirely new molecules and breakthrough technologies, with results you can see from across the room.

We’re excited and passionate about our work because we are committed to bettering the lives of our customers. Our research and development teams are going where no researchers have gone before in beauty. This is how we define technological breakthrough, how we define true innovation. This is the mission of Living Proof.

Here’s how it works:

The human hair is amongst the most sensitive environmental sensors known to most of us. Small changes in humidity produce major effects on how our hair feels and looks. Scientists have known for years that humidity affects the hair in two primary ways: changing the surface texture of the hair fiber – making it rough and full of friction – and increasing absorption of water by the interior of the hair shaft. All “frizzy hair days” relate to this delicate give and take of water between our hair and the environment around us.

In fact, with an increase of relative humidity from 30% to 70%, the water content of hair can increase by 100%, thereby increasing the volume of hair by more than 20%. This influx of water vapor eventually causes the hair fibers to swell, creating extended cuticles, which results in friction between fibers. This inter-fiber friction causes static and an additional increase in volume.

Sadly, in 30 years of effort, science has made little impact on changing this balance in your (and your hair’s) favor.

Hence, Living Proof scientists decided this was a good problem to solve. We asked a simple question first: how can we reduce the surface friction of the hair? Answer: create an exquisitely thin, smooth layer that perfectly coats the hair and stays put. We asked a second question next: how can we prevent the hair (and its surface) from absorbing water? Answer: produce a surface on the hair with as low of a surface energy as possible, which is the key measure of all hydrophobic materials.

Using our proprietary collection of biomaterials technologies, we searched for classes of materials that could produce control over surface energy and roughness. We wanted to solve these two problems from a physics standpoint, not create a beauty product. We steered clear of traditional anti-frizz technology, and our search eventually led us to a family of materials from which PolyfluoroEster was born.

PolyfluoroEster is a smaller molecule than the traditional materials used for frizz control. Our own in-house formulators optimized a unique way to deliver the material to the surface of the hair in the most efficient way possible: as a smooth, perfect layer, devoid of extraneous additives. Due to its chemical nature, the formulation adheres tightly to the hair, which allows for long-lasting moisture resistance and rebalancing of the hair fiber’s interaction with the atmosphere, even after extreme humidity. In fact, repeat use after shampoo seems to improve the hair’s own ability to resist humidity change, and our product seems to keep working better.

NO FRIZZ also had some benefits we didn’t anticipate (but our scientists seem happy to take credit for). Due to its low surface energy, the technology repels most other materials like water and oils, translating into a non-greasy coating that doesn’t attract dirt and other particulates. In fact, Living Proof scientists have found that it is actually more repellent to dirt and particles than natural hair. As a final benefit (which we really didn’t expect), the surprisingly low refractive index of the coating produces a unique, long-lasting shine and “pop” in the color of the hair.

UPDATE: Be sure to read the comments! Joanne did NOT have a good experience w/ this company! 



  1. Joanne Joanne

    Can’t say i’m impressed with the company. I ordered it; paid for it from my US account, didn’t hear anything from them. Finally contacted them, only to find out they won’t ship to Canada…not aproblem; they will refund all my money to my US account……nothing, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve heard nothing……so far I’m not impressed

  2. Yikes! That sucks.
    I live right in Boston so obviously had no problems getting the shipment. Keep me posted. If you keep getting the runaround I will definitely let people know!

  3. Elizabeth Elizabeth

    I’m in Boston as well and thinking of ordering this product – how did it hold up through the fall and now in the winter??

  4. It’s funny, I was just thinking about how much I LOVE this product the other day. I have been using it all winter… honestly? I don’t even factor the rain/ snow into my hair style equation anymore. I really love this stuff :). Please let me know if you get it…. I’m interested to hear if you like it.

  5. mel mel

    i LOVE this for my naturally curly hair, love love love it

  6. anna anna

    Have used it for several months,LOvE IT

  7. dm dm

    But does it work on coarse/kinky natural black hair?

  8. Julie Julie

    I have very thick, coarse, naturally wavy/curly hair, and I have NEVER found any other product that works as well as this does! I will never be without it again!! As a matter of fact, I just got an email today from Living Proof saying they now are selling shampoo and conditioner with the same ingredients! I ordered both immediately upon getting the email.

    Yes, it’s a little on the pricey side, but never in my life have I been able to straighten my hair at home and have it stay that way all day in South Florida humidity. With this product, I can do that. To me, it is well worth the price.

  9. Abby Abby

    I used it in the Caribbean and Florida and it works…yes…works bery well.
    I did not like the shampoo and conditioner….sorry to say, because I wanted to like it but it dried my hair out terribly.
    In any case, I continue to use the spray and the cream and love it.
    I not longer have to plan my life around humidity.

  10. Alicia Alicia

    i have extremely thick curly hair down to my waist, and I LOVE THIS PRODUCT.
    i usually have a cocktail of about 5 different products that i have to use in my hair to keep it manageable, and then due to build up i have to do a deep cleansing treatment about once a month to keep things healthy. but this stuff is going to save me sooooooooo much money/time/effort.

    i order it from, whom i trust and have never had any shipping/payment issues with (and the price is still the same).


    I would like to know if you could send out a sample of this product?
    and where can I buy it here in California


  12. If you follow the link I think you can buy on their website. You can also purchase on I don’t have any samples… but I do use and love this stuff all the time!

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