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When in Romania*, Enjoy Vicious Candy… and Drake’s Mixtape




I just came back from another introspective/ coincidence filled weekend. 3 down, 6 more to go before things start to settle down. I had planned on devoting this summer to writing . . . but it seems like now it’s devoted to experience. I will save the writing for the cold Boston winter that awaits.

Anyway, on to fashion….

When in Rome, do as Silvia and Laura do and create beautiful couture! They are the brains behind the gorgeous Roman label Vicious Candy… they have just released this sexy yet playful collection. I will get back to you when I find out where you can shop. The designers definitely wanted you to be the first to know about their gorgeous new collection…. so enjoy and be sure to send them feedback! How fun would that first dress be for our little party in NYC??

How amazing would one of these outfits look with a pair of Charlotte Olympia’s?


I hate the fact that I am obsessed with shoes, but as I have said numerous times, wearing suits every day of the week will do that to do you. I am sure all of you fashion savvy readers have heard of and possibly own Charlotte Olympia, but just in case you don’t, I offer you one of my biggest shoe obsessions.

On a side note, I woke up this early this morning (by necessity, not by choice… work hard play hard, you know the drill) and found the suggestion for VC in my inbox. As much as I enjoy mulling over what I am going to write about, I always love suggestions from  you . . . there are so many great designers out there I never would have heard about but for your creative, fun, and thoughtful suggestions, so please keep them coming!

What’s on your mind? I’d love to hear your thoughts on:

  • Something fun to wear for my weekend in the Hamptons… I’m looking for conservative but not cookie cutter. Nothing mainstream…
  • I am mildly obsessed  with upper-arm cuff bracelets… especially the whole “Cleopatra” snake look… has anyone seen/ does anyone make something like that?
  • Your thoughts on: over the knee boots for fall, frohawks and mohawks, and this new bootie-obsession….


Ooops… almost forgot the song of the day! You all know how I love Elzhi… I’m also feeling Drake… be sure to check out “Think Good Thoughts” featuring these two artists along with Phonte. You can also download Drake’s mixtape here.

*Correction… these great designers are from Romania, not Rome!


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