A DIY “look for less” LOVE!












Top two images from Honestly… WTF (total cost about $5)/ Bottom image from Oak— retail $372.00

Love this clever project from Erica and Lauren of Honestly… WTF… so much so I might even attempt it– I love these bracelets!
The best part is, there are tons of options in terms of hex nuts (they have bronze, steel, etc.) and twine color, size, etc.  and the project is super straight-forward.

Have fun!

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Send pictures when you’re done! I have all the supplies but have been super busy. I really need to make more time for myself!


I love Honestly…WTF. I havent really loved these friendship bracelet thingies, but this one is really cute–the metal braid really makes it so chic. Love it!



Do you have a white gold engagment ring and a gold wedding band? That is a neat idea!


this is great. I am going to do this as a project with my teen. Are hex nuts somethings I would get from a hardware store?


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