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So, in the midst of my closet purge (it’s been years) I decided I need a new one-stop-shop for my staples. Black pants, t-shirts, etc. In the past few fears I have fluctuated between J Crew, Banana, and Ann Taylor. While I’d certainly rather go independent, there’s something to be said about  consistency that keeps bringing me back to the big labels (though, I have to admit J Crew is a huge vanity size offender which can sometimes lead to inconsistency). Anyway, as I contemplate this completely un-monumental task I find that I have been drawn to emerging labels that focus on classic silhouettes and timeless pieces. SVILU is a perfect example. I literally want one of everything… lovely look book too, reminds me of home!


Founded in 2012 by Britt Cosgrove and Marina Polo, SVILU seeks to re-address the fundamentals of a woman’s wardrobe by offering environmentally sustainable and socially sensitive staples for modern dressing. Mindfully sourced and locally produced pieces are based on styles that endure the ebb and flow of trends. Silhouettes are borrowed from the boys but designed by women with an eye towards subtle specialness and impeccable make. The clothes set a woman apart without speaking louder than she does.

Born in New York and raised in Paris, Marina Polo attended Central Saint Martins College of Art in London. While at university Marina apprenticed at Lesage in Paris, Vera Wang and menswear label Cloak in New York. Upon graduation she relocated to New York and was recruited by fashion house Peter Som. She served as design director there until 2012.

Britt Cosgrove grew up in Hunting Valley, Ohio and upon graduation from Middlebury College moved to New York City where she began her career in Public Relations. Working for Prada and then Hogan in their VIP relations department she transitioned from PR to design and received a degree from Parsons School of Design. After completing her studies she worked under Peter Som on the Tommy Hilfiger runway collections.

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