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They’ve Got Issues

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Take the basics. Turn them inside out. Reshape them. Re-envision them. Repeat.

More about the The T-shirt Issue:

The T-shirt Issue is an interdisciplinary collective that combines fashion, design and technology into unique basic apparel, ranging from daily wearables to conceptual installations.

We are fascinated by the triangular polygon, a geometric shape we see as the basic unit of digital substance and wearable form.

All our products are made in a new digital environment that allows us to reconstruct every piece of clothing from the core to any degree of complexity. With this new approach we establish a new dimension in which 2D, 3D and the space in between is reconsidered and experimented with.

In doing so, we stir triangular shapes and fine fabrics into basic apparel that subtly exposes its digital descent. As the possibilities in polygonal shaping are unlimited, we also engage in the conception of extensive art pieces to shed a light on the extremities.

Our ultimate mission is to lift the hurdle between possible and impossible and redefine the aesthetics of all things jersey.


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