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Built by Wendy

This post was built by procrastination as its quite possibly the last thing I should be doing now… Strike that… This post was built by inspiration and a desire to not become a monotonous single-minded person, and its quite possibly the best thing I could be doing for myself right now! With the weekend upon us and various holidays (including my birthday!) right around the corner, its a good time to assess what your weeks, days, and hours are built by. The horrible woman I encountered the other day in Starbucks (from her general appearance and disposition I doubt she reads this ….or anything related to fashion… ever…. ) it was obvious her days were built by anger, hostility, and resentment. To my more career oriented friends (especially those currently in Germany) their days are built by a passion for success, long (billable) hours, and long (painful) hours sitting at a desk. My days are varied… but are generally built by over-thinking, over-procrastination, and on a court day, over- preparation… The over procrastination keeps me sane and happy though… Hence this post.
As we begin the second month of the new year, take some time and think about the components of your day. What are you built by?
As for this brand, I should start by saying I can’t take full credit for this one. I first introduced me to this fantastic designer via GenArt Pulse (a great lifestyle and entertainment site for anyone who wants to be in the know before the rest….). It’s rare these days a t-shirt moves me. I’ve been collecting them and writing about them so long that most designs tend to look the same, or at least offer variations on the same theme. The designs at Built by Wendy are truly different, and I’m especially in love with her NY Marathon Tee and cute ballsy sweatshirt! Ok, my day is going to be built by avoiding my bosses wrath if I don’t leave soon. Have a good weekend!

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