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Getting Motivated for that Morning Run

My morning run essentials:

Getting out of the door for a 6am run isn’t always easy, but it’s definitely worth it. The streets are quiet, birds are chirping (if you can hear them over your music!) and, if you’re lucky you’ll catch a beautiful sunrise. Morning runs give perspective, give you time to think, and a chance to acclimate to your day. My favorite part is, once you’re done, you’ve accomplished something. Like a real something. So that no matter how stressy, frustrating, annoying, etc., the rest of your day is, you can think back and say “yeah, but I ran X-number of miles this morning.”
My trick is to lay everything out the night before. I’m like a sleepy robot —  I literally step into my shorts (tights if its below 75), socks, shoes, and sports bra as aI get out of bed. It’s hard to have second thoughts when you’re already half dressed.
Another run-changer is the flip belt (above in turquoise) that I bought at Brookstone (you can get them other places too). I have a GIANT iPhone- so big the armband just wasn’t practical. The flip belt is awesome- it has a hook for keys and the rest of the belt is a giant secure pocket-sleeve thing. I’ve thrown my iPhone, credit card, cash, keys and one of those power packet things in there and forgot all about them on my run. It doesn’t move and things stay put. I highly recommend.
As you can see, I am also a huge Under Armour fan. I just think their stuff is the best.
Don’t forget the big spray and SPF.
Happy running!

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