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So… I was thinking about something as I watched this super muscley guy lifting weights at the gym today.
He had his earbuds in, and was nodding his head in that “I am listing to something very intimidating” way. But, I could have sworn when I walked past him, instead of Chief Keef or like… Magma (okay, I have no idea who Magma is, but it’s the number one iTunes song in “metal” which sounds hard-core to me), I heard Ariana Grande. I say this because I know the song, it’s on my 5 mile run mix. Proudly, I should say, on my five mile run mix. But this guy was bopping his head like he was listening to something super-hard core.

It got me thinking about my 5 mile mix… the songs and artists I proudly own (Outkast, Pusha T, Yandel, and yes Ariana) and the… other songs. You know what I’m talking about.

When you’re out walking, running, lifting, whatever and have your headphones on, you’re in a bubble. A tiny happy music bubble of your own making. But, let’s face it- we all have songs on those mixes that are best (and often only) played on headphones. I know you have at least one gym song confession.

An MMmBop.

An Ice Ice Baby.

A This is Why I’m Hot.


I’m sorry, this song has been on my gym mix since like 2003. I have no idea who these guys are, or where they are now, but they never let me down on mile 3.

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