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This time of year people often find themselves searching for something… Maybe its the after effect of the holidays… all of those months searching for the perfect gift have us trained (and all the bills from your splurges have you searching for ways to pay them off…)
Or maybe its the looming greeting-card-created holiday that has us searching for a reason to get excited. Maybe it the perpetual grey sky covered in clouds that has you searching for a little sun. Whatever the cause, you can see it. Despite the fact at this time of year people tend to be covered from head to toe… you can see it in their eyes as they peek fatigued from their hats, scarves, and jackets.
This desire for something ….
I know this time of year can be kind of blah. Your e-mails and statistics say it all (after all, the third week in January has been deemed ‘the most depressing week’ of the year!)

I think the most important thing about this search is to realize what your looking for is a kind of inner peace. A way to reconcile the cold and embrace a kind of inner warmth. All too often the solution is going “back to the racks”- looking for shoes, shirts, something… when in reality, the peace you seek is one you already possess. Of course this site is devoted to consumerism in its own special way… but know the end result of your search doesn’t always have to lead to an extravagant purchase. In my case, the search lead me to the comfortable chair in my living room with one of my favorite authors. I turned off the TV, closed the PowerBook, turned off the speakers, and read to escape. Not “the Devil Wears Prada” or “Bergdorf Blonds,” kind of escape- but the kind that forced me to escape into my own mind. It was so refreshing (and so much more fun than reading for Trusts and Estates!)
Maybe its time to turn your search into a challenge…a challenge to find what you’re looking for without draining the bank… to find it within yourself.




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