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Boyy Bags


Boyy Bags

PPW, or price-per-wear is often how I justify things. For instance, my favorite bag of all time is a giant black leather Coach bag sans-C’s (they don’t make it anymore) which cost over $400. I bought it back in 2001 and still use it to this day. It literally holds everything and I’ve used it a work bag, a gym back, and an overnight bag…

In the spirit of gorgeous bags that will last forever, be sure to check out BOYY bags

BOYY accessories is the partnered creation of designers Jesse Dorsey and Wannasiri Kongman.

Jesse Dorsey, born and raised in Montreal, Canada, moved to NYC to pursue his burgeoning music career in 1993. Hitting the ground running – working with artists such as the Beastie Boys and Milla Jovovich, scoring music for Cirque du Soleil, having his signature music featured in award-winning feature films and DJing NYC’s hot spots – Jesse gained much exposure to the inner sanctums of the entertainment, music and fashion industries, absorbing their creative pulse like a sponge.

Wannasiri Kongman, born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, received her degree in journalism before her talent for style started quickly pushing her on her way. She was picked up as a buyer for the first ever teen division of one of Thailand’s top department stores, “Central”. And in 2003, the pull of big dreams and the big unknown prompted her to pack up her bags and move to the US. After a stint in DC, her creative urges and undying love and interest for fashion brought her to NYC’s Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) where she studied fashion design.

Jesse and Wannasiri met in NYC in 2004 and soon thereafter began their creative collaboration. The two exercised their ideas, philosophies and ambitions for 6 months before launching BOYY’s first collection – Spring/Summer ‘06. Jesse and Wannasiri now navigate the globe, spending their time and finding inspiration between NYC, Bangkok and Italy.


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