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HOLST + LEE, revisited.

  I’ve written about Holst + Lee before, a definite Urban Socialite favorite, and wanted to share their latest collection. Each piece is handmade, and now that their online shop is open (hello sale!) you have no excuse not to buy… well.. unless you’re not getting paid. Sigh, lets hope for some progress this weekend. […]

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        Before I take off I thought I’d share Yvonne Laufer’s collection: VOID. I stumbled upon a pic on Pinterest and love this entire collection. Tuesday is by far my least favorite day of the week… so it’s always nice to start it off with something beautiful! Enjoy.

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Omni Bag

Loving these beautiful, versatile “Omni” bags from Ku me ko.  Omni is a collection of multipurpose foldable bags, suitable for every occasion. Made from strong tarpaulin, omni bags are durable and easy to clean. The design is inspired by two different handcrafting techniques: origami and patchwork. The Omni bag’s design is made up of several […]

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DIY Cell Phone!? Really.

Leave it to the geniuses at MIT to come with a tutorial for an actual, working, DIY cellphone (it can place and receive calls and text messages as well as store phone numbers): Mind blown. This may be the coolest DIY ever. Though it requires a bit of tech know-how and a soldering iron, the […]

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Francesca Capper

Francesca Capper is a young British fashion designer based in London and I am totally obsessed with her graduate collection. How awesome are these pieces? Song is Lovely Bloodflow by Baths, in case you were wondering… More later… I am still getting accustomed to this new website layout… the feedback has been great so far […]

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Sylvio Giardina SS14

In addition to godaddy deleting my entire website (really… I would rant here but I am still recovering from the annoyance of it all), things have been pretty crazy over here lately, hence the sporadic posts. I was just talking to  my favorite person in the sunshine state the other day about how I need […]

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Caliber Collection

Interesting concept: These bangles (complete with real diamond accents) are made with the serial numbers from illegal guns and the metal from bullet casings taken off the streets by the Newark Police Department. 20% of the proceeds from each purchase  fund future Gun Buyback Amnesty programs in Newark, NJ.

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Hand Bag

Literally. . . This  bag from LA Cactus is handmade and honestly just too cute not to post. The perfect Sunday carryall. Be sure to check out LA Cactus’ Etsy shop and online journal.

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I love these gorgeous designs from Brazilian label Joulik. Breathtaking detials! This summer has been crazy. I was really looking forward to NYFW… but my work schedule is probably going to get in the way of attending the shows. I’ll do my best to cover my favorite emerging designers!  

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