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Museum of Useful Things

I had no idea it was “Cyber Monday” until I opened my e-mail account this morning. For those of you so out of it that you have no idea what Cyber Monday is, (me- circa 7:00am), it’s supposedly the busiest internet shopping day of the year. Like the day-after-Thanksgiving, where I tended to avoid to the big stores in lieu of smaller boutiques, I plan on staying far away from the’s of the world today (even the online BestBuy store annoys me!)…

Lucky for us, Gift Idea #4 comes from a cute little shop in Cambridge. This gift is for that practical person in your life. Whether s/he’s a friend, a co-worker, or a family member, The Museum of Useful Things is the place where even the most cynical shopper can find beauty in function. My formula for a perfectly practical gift? Pick up one of MUT’s cool Mesh Shopping Baskets, throw in some beautiful paper, add a few select items from the site (I really like the tape measure bracelet, above right), and viola!
(Coming this week: Music, Gifts for the Revolutionary in your life, and a BIG idea).

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