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This week is flying by… nice because the weekend is in sight, a little scary because the holidays are fast approaching.

Another cool gift idea, this time a sporty brand for the outdoorsy person in your life.

Rapanui started in a shed on the Isle of Wight. Brothers Rob and Mart had £200 and decided to build a business that made a real contribution to sustainability. (According them, it also solved their “youth unemployment” problem – if you can’t find a job, make one.)

The result is a great label with a wonderfully outdoorsy feel- Old England meets New England.

Rapanui applies technology to sustainable fashion. Their products are made from sustainable materials like organic cotton, rPET or British Wool, in an ethically accredited, wind powered factory. You’ll also find cutting-edge low waste printing technology, and incentivised material recovery: Every Rapanui product has a value that can be recovered at the end of it’s life. Send it back for free when you’re done and they’ll give you a store credit.

Rapanui also allows you to easily  trace the origins of everything they make, from seed to shop. They have made this supply chain open-access: Anyone can build a businesses using their tech and our supply chain, for free, at Teemill.

I love their gift packs.

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