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Inspiration is Everywhere: Raubdruckerin


I walk to work most mornings because I can’t justify any other way to get there. I live in paradise and the walk is short.  I dodge traffic, inhale cool air from open hotel doors, and skip quickly over hot vents in the sidewalk. It’s a short process wrapped in sensory overload: thick air, putrid air, sweet air. Regardless, I usually make it in under 15 minutes.

Enter Raubdruckerin, an experimental printmaking project that uses urban structures like manhole covers, grids, technical objects, and other surfaces to create unique graphic patterns on streetwear, fabric, and paper.

We may avoid walking on manhole covers, but how many of us actually take the time to see them as art?

I love this brand because (1) the hand printed shirts and bags are gorgeous; (2) the pieces are printed on-site, at the original location of the chosen manhole cover or similar object

(The fact that this way of textile printing is taking place outside, in the public space, creates situations that would never happen in conventional textile printing and manufacturing. It allows passengers to become viewers, observing the process as it evolves. It creates possibilities for communication, exchange, and spontaneity. Furthermore production depends on factors like weather, time and season, which makes the project human. This approach takes a critical view and offers an alternative viewpoint on nowadays mass production);

and (3) the moment you find the beauty in Raubdruckerin‘s products, you can’t help but look around your own environment (or, daily walk to work) for similar, unexpected beauty and inspiration.

Win/ win.


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