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A Corner of the City in the Palm of Your Hand (Literally)

@what_thehellRyan Thomas Monahan


For that person on your list who has everything- how about an amazing piece from creative genius Ryan Thomas Monahan?

I can’t get over the detail in his work . . . purchase at Black Book Gallery.

About Monahan:

Ryan Thomas Monahan hails from Yorkville, Illinois. Utilizing a combination of physical and imaginative exploration Ryan creates miniaturized three dimensional portraits of urban landscapes. His desire to capture the beauty and grime of the world we live in is filled with moments of agony and glory. The exhibit title: “Between Heaven N’ Hell” refers to Ryan’s love/hate relationship with his creative process and the adventures it takes him on.

Look around, could you reproduce your environment using materials of no relation to their original purpose and fit it all inside a space the size of a shoe box? Construction is a difficult process; the required knowledge brings many different professions together. However, in this instance, Ryan is the ultimate construction worker – He does it all from the ground up at 1/24 the scale.

Never ending options opens the door to a world of infinite challenges and outcomes. For instance, his new work titled “Brinbane St.” is set in a subway station, quite possibly one of the grittiest locations you can conjure. No detail is spared – Every surface has been painstakingly covered in rust, dirt and funk. Set in the background is a typical subway newsstand featuring miniaturized magazines and newspapers so realistic looking you want to read one. To top it off, this piece hangs framed on the wall, flip a hidden switch and lights illuminate the newsstand. The combination of attention to detail and unique viewing perspective truly puts you into the scene.

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