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Sabé Masson

There’s the woman who walks in the room, doused in Chanel No. 5. . .  She wants to be noticed. She embraces the spotlight and enjoys being the center of attention. People may remember her after she left, if not for her presence, but for the lingering scent that hangs heavy in the room.

Then there’s that other woman. More subtle. Laughing in the corner. The kind of woman that doesn’t want attention, but attracts it nonetheless. As you approach, she greets you with a friendly hug. As you lean close you’re met with her subtle, yet intoxicating scent . . . cypress mingling with heliotrope, vanilla, clove and honey. Rather than embracing the room, she embraces you – specifically – and the conversation lingers.  She will most certainly be remembered- for she is truly unforgettable.

I guess I imagine it goes that way. Don’t we all want to be that other woman?

Once, in Brighton I met a gorgeous artist- he was all grey eyes, ironic t-shirt, and hair product. He combined essential oils and created his own signature scent. It was amazing and he was quite unforgettable.

All of this is to say that out sense of smell is super powerful. Instead of spending money on mass produced, over priced designer scents, why not opt for something more meaningful. More “you”. I am obsessed with Sabé Masson’s soft perfumes. These alcohol and paraben free scents are designed, created, formulated, and manufactured in France using pure ingredients and delicious scent combinations. Bonus: they’re super portable and TSA friendly. 


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