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Back in my earlier, nerdier days, I would walk shyly around my Jr. High school hallways clutching my old copy of The Great Gatsby. During lunch break, when I wasn’t sitting uncomfortably at a table of popular girls I secretly hated, I would sit outside and listen to my discman (crazy when a discman dates you!) and read while listening to Under the Table and Dreaming. Though I’m particularly partial to underground/ unsigned hip hop artists, there’s something about impassioned music that moves me regardless of the genre (ok, except country, inspired or not most country songs make my skin crawl).
I was talking to my friend Damo yesterday (who has inspired more than his fair share of instrumental digressions), and he sent me a link to Nizlopi. I have to admit I was skeptical at first. Damo is quite possibly one of the kindest souls to come out of Ireland, but he can be a bit crazy at the same time. He told me the music almost brought a tear to his eyes.
I think it’s the notebook sketched video graphics or maybe the lead singer’s clear- almost haunting voice, but somehow the song at this link brought me back to a different place. A good place, but a different place. Maybe its the holidays, maybe its the fact its about to be 2006, maybe its the fact I realized that sometimes you don’t have too look to far for inspiration, but I must say Nizlopi’s album Half These Songs Are About You (originally released unsigned artists in 2002), is one of the best albums I’ve heard in years. Check it out on iTUNES.
Its funny how things have changed. As I had an inclination to pick up my copy of Gatsby after listening to the album, I remembered I wanted to show you the most “novel” idea in handbags I’ve ever seen. Femme Sud’s novel handbags are quite possibly the most gorgeous handbags out right now (alas, they’re a tad out of my price range, but fabulous nonetheless). The beautiful leather limited edition books actually contain a fully functioning handbag. Now you can be that mysterious woman on the subway… that nerdy yet intriguing woman lost her own thoughts, clutching a mysterious book which just so happens to contain her car keys and wallet. (UPDATE: site is now down, but still love these handbags!)

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