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Stay at Home Club

Stay at Home Club is like my spirit brand. Don’t get me wrong, I love going out I like going out Every now and then, I have an amazing time going out with my friends. It was easier in Boston and New York when the events were more my style. Miami is different, but it tries and it has its moments. For all the times it doesn’t, I am a member of the stay at home club. Finally a lifestyle brand that gets me 😉.

I love Stay at Home Club‘s quirky shirts and bags, funny accessories, and a comforting message to introverts and homebodies: you are who you are, embrace it, have fun with it, and if you care to justify to people (which you probably don’t), do so adorably.

Stay at Home Club was created by Olivia Mew in 2012 and currently ships from Canada. Enjoy!


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