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Thursday Love: Urbana Sacs and @livinglifesmoments

During times like this, it is especially important to take care of yourself: to practice self-love and cultivate positive energy so you can project the same back into the world (it needs it!).

For me, yoga works. Squeezing a 75-minute class (plus travel time) into my day can be tricky, but it is always, 100% worth it (thank you Exhale).

Yoga is where I discovered Urbana Sacs. They look like super thick paper bags, but they’re made from a patented blend of virgin pulp fiber and recycled polyester felts, so they can be washed and used continuously and shaped however you’d like. The bags are made in LA and are manufactured through cultivation not deforestation, so they’re both cute and eco-friendly.

I have a few XXXL paper bags at home and love them for storage and art supplies, but have never come across any that are washable. Such a cool idea.

I discovered blogger Kari of @livinglifesmoments on Urbana Sacs’ Instagram page and fell in love with her beautiful photographs and blog. The featured image for this post is from her site. Enjoy ✌🏽.

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