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Un-Fancy. Simple. Beautiful.


I love beautiful clothes. My closet was, and to some extent still is, full of them.  Ten years of fashion blogging = tons of designer samples, free goodies, and eccentric accessories. The problem is, as cool as it is to have an overstuffed closet, most of the items I have are completely unwearable. I often find myself facing a sea of sequins and tulle, when what I really need is a grey sweater and black pencil skirt.

Recently, I bit the bullet and began gutting my closet. I am donating what I can’t (or won’t) ever wear again (Miami suggestion: Lotus House Thrift / Boston suggestion: Boomerangs) and am in the process of creating my version of a capsule collection.

My working goal: to absolutely love every single item in my closet. Like love. This is a work in progress, and I’m happy to share what I come up with as I edit and add.

My muse: Caroline Joy Rector of Un-Fancy. I love her simple, elegant, style and free capsule planner.

I’m working on something similar for all of my various “products” too. I counted over twelve different mascaras in my makeup drawer yesterday…  and I mean, really, that’s absurd. I have all of these super fancy brands when really, I just wear that old school Great Lash every day, lol. Definitely time to simply.

My goal between now and 1/2017 is to practice kindness (we all need more of that, right?), appreciate beauty, and to edit my life (people, things, practices) so that it’s a bit more focused on the meaningful. A mindful start that I hope to carry into the New Year. Have you done something similar this past year? In a world that praises excess (I mean, just turn on E!, Bravo, or pick up a fashion magazine), what are your thoughts out simplifying and downsizing?

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