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ways of change

Happy New Year!

Here’s to making 2017 all about positivity, self-love, and loving others.
I was talking to one of my best friends the other night. He’s absolutely gorgeous, smart, and wonderful. He was discussing his most recent relationship issues, especially as they relate to certain insecurities he has about himself. The funny thing is, the very things that make him insecure are actually quite endearing and ironically part of his charm. He just has a hard time seeing those things that way.

By the end of the conversation we were both in the same place. It’s not enough to be kind, to be loving, and to be understanding towards others. It’s so important you treat yourself with the same level of care. Once you’re able to stop being so hard on yourself, and love yourself unconditionally, you will truly be able to contribute the same to an other person.

One tiny way of expressing self-love with a small token to remind you just how amazing and radiant you are. I love this jewelry from ethical fashion brand Ways of Change. Not only are the pieces beautiful, the brand’s concept and story is inspiring. Bonus: their brass jewelry can be worn in the ocean and the salt water will make it shine. Website and buy here. Instagram here.

About Ways of Change:

Ways of Change is an ethical fashion brand connecting people affected by conflict and migration to a global community. We offer fair wages to refugees so that they may support and empower themselves through entrepreneurship while sustaining and building upon their traditional skills. Where possible, our products are made from upcycled, organic, natural, cruelty-free, fairly traded and locally sourced materials.

In offering a high-quality and socially conscious product we aim to inspire people to use the power of their purchase to create positive change in the world. In doing so, our customers are interested in the story behind their products, the story of the person. We believe that by connecting people we can create a space of mutual empowerment where people recognize themselves in others.

A portion of all Ways of Change’s profits are used to support both Entrepreneurial TrainingandCommunity Projects that focus on empowerment and sustainable living, contributing to the positive change that the communities working with us wish to see. In the long-term, Ways of Change hopes to provide support to refugees as they become repatriated (return to their country of origin), resettled (settled into a third country) or integrated into local communities (where they are currently living).

Ways of Change was born on a family trip to Bali, Indonesia in 2013, when Cara introduced the idea to Lauren. Cara had lived and worked with many refugees living on the Thailand Burma border when she was conducting research in 2011. The individuals she met had unique traditional skills when it came to hand making jewelry and accessories, but had no access to a marketplace to sell them. Ways of Change then began to evolve. Lauren came on board to contribute to the design of products that would be fashion forward and marketable on a global scale, something that would fuse together the traditions of the communities with exceptional style and design.

The name Ways of Change recognizes the existence of the many avenues that can and will lead the world to positive change, both within the refugee sector as well as the fashion industry. It reminds us to keep an open-mind and appreciate others’ approaches to change as well. Ways of Change also pays tribute to our connection as a family in that the “Way” has been borrowed from our mothers’ maiden name, Conway.

Ways of Change is an embodiment of our inspirations, experiences and vision for the future.

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