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Well Heeled, by Giannico

Happy Thursday!

My colleagues tease me a little bit about my shoe collection, but a great pair of shoes can make even the most boring suits fun.
I love the way Nicolò Beretta, the young talent behind Giannico, playfully interprets classic forms in his beautiful, wearable designs.

Shop, Instagram.

From his website:

Nicolò Beretta was born in Milan nineteen years ago. Since early on he was drawn to designing clothes and accessories, awakening his passion for great aesthetics and developing his inner creativity. He experimented with fabrics, objects and various materials, creating a dream world where he was able to dress princesses who rule his world.

His education allowed him to deepen his humanistic, natural attitude and to intensify his passion for the many aspects of contemporary art.
Nicolò discovers his allure of extreme sensibility and principles of elegance and feminine beauty.

At the age of 14, Nicolò moved to Sydney in Australia due to professional obligations of his family. The trip to Australia has proven to be an important step to gain life experience for the young, determined designer. Sydney has deeply influenced the young Milanese boy, who takes inspiration and creative incentives from this capital, with its cosmopolitan atmosphere and its fervent multicultural life.
In 2011 Nicolò met leading figures from international fashion scene, such as Manolo Blahnik and Franca Sozzani, and he told them with enthusiasm and passion about his creative ideas. The great encouragement received from these fashion veterans and influencers, gave Nicolò the confidence to make his dreams become reality.


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